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Alexandra Paul and Peter Kreitler Your HostsEarthTalk Today is your environmental television show. We believe informed and active individuals will make choices to restore and promote the health of the world we all share.

All of us at EarthTalk Today and earthtalktoday.tv are committed to bringing viewers and visitors alike the most accurate, incisive and current information about the environment.

Peter Gwillim Kreitler and Alexandra Paul, co-hosts.

Peter's Epistle - The New EarthTalk BLOG

This year represents for me the beginning of the trinity of years that will define the future of the human family, and our partners in creation; that is all creatures who have been given life by the ruach elohim, the breath of the Creator. I will write weekly from January 1, 2010 until December 24, 2012. This three year period is the most significant block of time in my lifetime and I will pay homage to those who along the way have lifted me up and emboldened me to write and speak about this wonderful fragile island home we call creation.

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New Programs Now Online

We have recently added more than a dozen programs to the EarthTalk Online Video page.  These are full 30 minute shows which you can watch online.

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ByeByeBeef ByeByeBeefCampaign

The non-violent, pro-active campaign to eliminate industrial agriculture beginning with beef cattle is now under way. Our campaign begins with confined animal feeding operations, and the deleterious effect this has on the planet, our communities, and our health.

The revolution has now begun as those who espouse a meat free diet or environmentally sustainable beef production come together in the ByeByeBeef Campaign.  Visit ByeByeBeef, take the pledge, join the herd and be heard.

Recent Guests

Listen to Earth Talk Today's GuestsWe will be listing information about recent guests with links to online videos you can watch. Coming soon.

Peter's Earth Talks

Peter Kreitler's Daily Earth TalksPeter Kreitler continues his environmental journal.  "The word journal means a daily record of happenings. It can also mean a regular entry of recordings. There is nothing at a discretionary level that I do daily except maybe brush my teeth, so I am going to try and keep a regular journal about the earth and its magnetic pull on me."  Visit Peter's Journal introduction and list of postings.

Religion & Ecology: In 1970 Peter delivered his first environmental sermon to The Barstow School in Kansas City. "We all know that the institutions we have created are destroying the livability of the whole world because the worth of a human being has been denied for the sake of progress of a better life."  Where would we be today if we had awakened and smelled the planet 38 years ago?

The Words We Use

A chronic inflammatory disorder of the lungs that is characterized by reversible obstruction of the airways. That's a typical medical definition, found in many textbooks. Practically speaking the disease is debilitating and life-threatening And its costing billions annually in the US alone...read more about asthma

EarthTalk Voices

Environmental news and dialogue has reached an all time high and yet 13 percent of Americans said in a recent poll that they have never heard anything about global warming?

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